Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot summer days....

To say that I am dependent on the technological world, is an understatement. Three days with little to no contact with our cells and internet was interesting. Probably good for us, but also difficult. Yosemite was gorgeous, breathtaking, amazing, and incredibly hot. Temps in the 102-105 range and our accomodations were nice, but did not have air conditioning so needless to say we were active in the park in the early part of the day, hung out in our room in the afternoon (out of the heat) and returned to the park in the evenings. It is hard to describe the wonder of God's creation, and I was reminded the last few days of the reasons we loved living in Colorado. I will never take the natural beauty of creation for granted. I think I can honestly say that because it overwhelms me. When we lived in the mountains, I remember Jason and I talking time and again about how we didn't understand getting used to the beauty of creation. It was and will always be a reminder of God's perfection.

On another note, we did hike our longest at Yosemite. 1.8 miles up to the base of a falls and 1.8 miles back down. It wasn't easy but I am proud to say that not only did Noah do a great job and not give up, but I made it too :) It has reminded me that the elliptical that sits in our family room needs to get put back into use when we get home.

I am getting wordy (surprise, surprise) so I will close and say thanks for hanging with us through this adventure. We are two weeks in with one to go, and we continue to ask for prayers of safety and most importantly prayers of compassion and generosity for those who read our blog and story.

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